Microspace Instruments, Inc.

Microspace Instruments has positioned itself over the last quarter century as a leader in the manufacture of complex precision-machined parts, housings and assemblies that demand techniques and tolerances unsurpassed in high-technology industries.  From prototyping to production, from design to finish processes, we are the solution! Our product excellence comes from our strength in key areas:

  • Advanced tooling - Microspace utilizes the latest computer-controlled equipment in key areas to ensure maximum consistency and efficiency in the total production process.
  • Superior engineering - Our experienced engineers can provide economical and creative solutions for your most demanding manufacturing problems.
  • Quality - Our Quality Assurance staff has decades of experience in inspecting and testing procedures approved by aerospace, defense, and medical industries. A lot-acceptance-rate (LAR) of 100% is our goal.
  • Timeliness - Microspace works daily in the arena of  "just-in-time" delivery.  On-time-delivery (OTD) is paramount.
  • Flexibility - We take pride in our ability to respond to the changing requirements of our customers.